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The overall goal of the Blended by Design Learnshop is to provide faculty members the tools and strategies necessary to develop or transform a face-to-face (F2F) course into a blended course. Several colleges throughout the Maricopa Community College district are encouraging the faculty to develop blended courses, but have little support to do so.



•    Produce a plan for designing a blended course or redesigning an existing course as a blended course,

•    Adapt a syllabus for use in a blended course,

•    Learn strategies that will help students be successful in blended courses,

•    View and evaluate different blended course models,

•    Develop ways to establish community in online asynchronous discussions,

•    Identify the learning objectives for your blended course,

•    Develop online activities to use in your blended course,

•    Describe design elements that should be applied to online group or team work,

•    Describe and incorporate classroom assessment techniques into your course,

•    Collaborate with peers from a variety of disciplines,

•    Leverage background and proficiencies as successful educators to become highly effective in the principles and practices of blended instruction,

•    Understand and experiment with various instructional technology options for delivering blended courses,

•    Implement a few new technologies or instructional methodologies in hands-on, interactive sessions,

•    Integrate research-based, proven techniques and strategies relating to learning theory to develop a successful blended environment, and

•    Develop high quality blended learning materials and strategies that can be immediately applied.

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