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How to wiki

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Welcome to A Blended Maricopa wiki!


What is a wiki?

Its a web page that anyone can edit, revise, contribute to, correct, etc.  It's a collaboratively constructed web page.


The "Key" to edit a page is: blended

Enter a name and an email address and wiki away!


How to Add a New Page

  • Simply click on the "New Page" button
  • Give your page a name
  • Click on the button "Create new page"


To Link your page from another page

  • Create your page (see steps above)
  • Go to the page you want to link from, example: Home page
  • Type in the description/word of your page
  • Highlight it
  • Click on the hyperlink button
  • Select Wiki page from the drop down menu Link type
  • Select your page from the drop down menu of wiki pages


That's it your linked!  Oh...click Save!!



  • Click "Home" found above to return home or
  • In the upper right hand corner hit "Sidebar" for a more complete list of pages or
  • Click on "Recent Activity" to see new pages not yet linked or placed on the sidebar

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