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Page history last edited by Jennifer Strickland 14 years, 10 months ago

Ethan's Room


Needs Nice to have
2 white Trofast combo sets w/ bins - DONE Swivel Chair
Blue pain (benjamin moore misty blue 820) Blue nightstand
Green paint (go to IKEA to find a color name if possible) Blue/green table set - DONE
1 square area rug Desk? (maybe)
2 circular area rugs  
Tall white book case (Trofast shelf below red rm image)  
2 throw pillows of his bedding set (see below)  
Circle wood to make baseball (Michaels) wall hangings  
Dresser? Preferrable a closet solution for the closet  


Going for this room....

Love the color, window treament and area rugs, need a bigger book case, don't like this one though (need straighter lines) 


Possibility...however I like the idea of the steps and bench of which this is too high in the store they have a set up with cushions on top so the whole set is a bench (can't find the image) - Got the new lower ones...need bench cushion



So I can't stop freaking out when he stands on them?



He loves this chair...its a possibility. Maybe the table set..do we leave the other in the baby room?



This was the bed we had originally thought of ... not sure I'm crazy about it any more but it does look like fun.


The nightstand is a good idea as well this is our bed, will open one end when we move him he is getting too tall


This bookself



Simply cork board and that HomeDepot backer board painted



memory wall

baseball theme

shadow box with jerseys

wood cutout paint as baseball

wall: alternate corkboard, chalkboard, peg board (see photo below)

measure room if possible finish the Trofast with 2 more combos (see photo below)

color: benjamin moore misty blue 820

color: ikea room light green, sherbert green? (see photo below)




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