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Day 2: Course Redesign and Assessment

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Day 2: Community & Quality Assurance

(Required for FPG) 


Presentation (.ppt)

Presentation (.pptx)



1.      Discuss and examine role of establishing community in a blended format

2.     Recommend a framework for creating quality blended learning experiences\ 

3.      Collaborate with peers from a variety of disciplines to Leverage background and proficiencies 



      1.     Design a module for blended delivery utilizing a blended module design tool.

2.     Develop a plan for designing a blended course or redesigning an existing course as a blended course.

3.     Explain the value of community in the blended course.

4.     Identify quality assurance principles and practices in a blended environment.

5.     Evaluate a blended course



  • Overview and Introduction

  • Building Community among students in Blended Learning

  • Activity: Building Community

  • Quality Matters in eLearning

  • Peer Review of blended courses

  • Mapping your course

  • Close


Evaluation (required for FPG)




For Best Results:

Complete Part 2 of Mapping your Course


Resources related to todays topics

Build Your Own Discussion Board Rubric & Rubric Samples


Course Objectives

Day 1: Overview & Redesign

Day 2: Community & Quality

Day 3: Blended Technologies







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