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Day 1: An Overview of Blended Learning

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Day 1: Blended Learning & Course Redesign

(Required for FPG) 

Presentation (.pptx)

Presentation (.ppt)



1.      To provide an overview of research, statistics, and definitions of Blended (Hybrid) Learning Higher Education

2.     Introduce approaches and strategies to redesigning a course for a blended format 

3.      Collaborate with peers from a variety of disciplines to Leverage background and proficiencies



1.      Define blended learning in higher education.

2.     Evaluate a blended course’s strengths and weaknesses.

3.    Design a module for blended delivery utilizing a blended module design tool.



  • Overview and Introduction to workshop & resources

  • What is Blended and what does a blended course look like?

  • Benefits of a blended course

  • National & Local Data regarding Blended Learning

  • Course redesign strategies

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and Six Innovative Course Redesign Practices

  • Mapping your course

  • Close


Course Redesigns

To review the NCAT course redesigns, go to http://thencat.org/PCR/model_replace.htm,  select the course you wish to view, then select Full Project Plan for that course. This section will provide information on the course before and after the redesign.




u&p: hybfac


For Best Results:

-Complete Part 1 of Mapping Your Course Worksheet 

-Take the survey: Is Online Teaching Right For Me? http://www.onlinelearning.net/InstructorCommunity/selfevaluation.html?s=526.00201492m.0928012120 

-Read and review the Quality Matters rubric standards at http://qminstitute.org/home/Public%20Library/About%20QM/RubricStandards2008-2010.pdf


Valuable Blended Readings (optional)

Perspectives Blended Learning.doc

Strategies Building Blended Learning.pdf



Evaluation (required for FPG)

(An assessment must also be completed at the end of the series and must be completed by March 19, 2010)


Course Objectives

Day 1: Overview & Redesign

Day 2: Community & Quality

Day 3: Blended Technologies







Creative Commons License

Blended by Design is facilitated by Jennifer Strickland, PhD throughout the Maricopa Community College District. To learn more about the Creative Commons license for this work, go to Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License

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